Bringing Out the Great at a Commercial and Retail Shop

 The owner of an auto and home glass 

 company wanted to retire and turn the

 business over to his son and other family

 members.   We worked together to create

 a strategic plan for the business while

 making sure each person's roles were 

 clear and that they had the proper

 training for their position.  

 Bringing Out the Great

 at a Credit Union

 The front office supervisor of a credit  

 union client had ongoing problems with

 her tellers. Too many mistakes were

 being made plus there were petty

 squabbles among the staff.  I helped her

 create a structured system for coaching

 and holding performance conversations

 with each teller, and inside of two

 months, the problems went away and

 performance wentup.

 Pat Abel 

Training & Development  

Bringing Out the Great at a Manufacturing Plant

 A manufacturer hired me to deliver a

 6-module course over a 6-week period.

 During that program, I worked with

 recently promoted managers on the

 subjects of team development,

 motivation, and performance

 management. I introduced them to a

 structured approach to managing

 performance along with some

 fundamentals of human motivation. One

 year later, I was brought back to work

 with the same managers on a different

 topic, and a production manager said: “I

 took your advice and tried the structured

 approach you taught us a year ago. And

 it took only a month for my crew to turn

 the corner and my department has had

 great results ever since.”